Why List Your Consulting Business on the Web?

Consultants tend to get a lot of work from word of mouth referrals, but taking time to build up an online presence can add to your credibility and expert status. Even if you get a strong referral from someone you know, your prospective client will no doubt look you up online to review your Internet trail of breadcrumbs, so to speak. While you may already have considered build a presence through a website, taking the time to list your consulting business elsewhere online can help your street credibility.

5 reasons to list your consultant business online

1. Show that you’re more than just your website. When you appear in search engines – whether under your own name, business name or for keywords – it shows you’ve been around and that you’re active.
2. Draw credibility from your associations and affiliations. When prospective clients see that you’re active in trade and professional associations or even discussion forums, it shows that you take an interest in your work, that you connect with others and that perhaps others even endorse you.
3. Push down unfavourable search engine results. Perhaps you’ve made some discussion forum, blog or other posts over the years and you no longer want those to show up. While you can ask those sites to remove the content, it’s sometimes easier to push up content you do like and that you can craft to meet your current goals and standards.
4. Improve your website’s search engine standing. Google and other search engines look at what sites link to your own site and use those results in determining where to rank your site in results. If you get a link from a site with a positive and relevant Google PageRank, it can improve your own site’s ranking.
5. Generate leads. When you choose to list your consulting business with a reputable directory, website or even forum, you give people a chance to click through to your site. If the originating site is relevant to what you do, this can be a great way to create targeted traffic to your site. Moreover, your listing on the previous site helps to improve your credibility, too.

Your online marketing strategy should include more than just your website. Review your goals and options carefully and determine the best options for getting your consultant business listed and marketed.